Takreem Ahmed ‘25

Takreem is concentrating in General Biology and plans to attend medical school after graduation! He does research on Parkinson’s Disease at the Affect and Cognition Lab at Cornell, is the cofounder of Parkinson’s Pals, TAs for CHEM 2070, RAs for North Campus, and is a member of the Biology Scholars Program (BSP). His favorite course is BIOAP 3110 so far, and for fun, he likes to explore new places and try new things! Last summer, Takreem volunteered at a free clinic!

His words of encouragement to new students:

Never be afraid to reach out for help and know that people are here to help you!

College: CALS

Tutoring: CHEM 2070/2080, BIOMG 3300, BIOMG 1350, BIOG 1440

Email: ta233 [at] cornell.edu