Shravanika Kumaran ‘25

Shravanika concentrates in Computational Biology and is considering either pursuing graduate school or working in the Biotechnology industry after graduation! At Cornell, she is working in the Yu Lab to rebuild a protein interface database and is a member of the Artistic Bead Club. Her favorite courses of Cornell have been both BIOMG 2800 and BIOMG 2801, and for fun, Shravanika likes to do jigsaw puzzles, crocheting, and beads, as well as watching TV/movies! This summer, she is going to do research in Ithaca.

Her words of advice for new students

I would say don’t worry about how your experience at Cornell is going to go before it starts because I found that things will fall in place, and you’ll find what interests you naturally as you explore the numerous options and opportunities. There are also a lot of places to get help and resources available, so definitely reach out! “

College: Arts and Sciences

Tutoring: BIOMG 1350, BIOG 1500, BIOG 1440, BIOEE 1780, BIOMG 2800, BIOMG 2801, CHEM 1570, BIOMI 2900

Email: sk2456sk2456 [at] (