Serah Dureus ‘25

Serah is concentrating in Molecular and Cellular Biology and plans to attend medical school after graduation! At Cornell, Serah researches transposable elements in zebrafish DNA in the Feshotte Lab, TAs for CHEM 1080 and CHEM 2070, and is a member of Cornell EARS and the Biology Scholars Program (BSP). Her favorite course has been either BIOMG 1350 or CHEM 3570! Last summer, she participated in CHAMPS, a research program, and she will be doing research at Cornell as a Nexus Scholar next summer! For fun, Serah likes to play tennis, hang out with friends, explore Ithaca, watch Netflix, crochet, and play the piano. Her advice to freshmen: “Make sure to enjoy the time you have in college exploring yourself, academics, and the world around you!”

Serah’s words of advice to incoming students:

“One useful piece of advice that I am STILL working on incorporating into my daily mantra is "Don't compare yourself to others." Our personal achievements are immeasurable, and we fail to give ourselves credit when we compare ourselves to others.”

College: Arts & Sciences

Tutoring: CHEM 3570

Email: smd284 [at]