Paul Hofmeister ‘25

Paul Hofmeister ‘25

Paul is concentrating in General Biology and plans to attend medical school after graduation! At Cornell, Paul is a member of the Cornell parole Initiative and the Brain Exercise Initiative. Last summer, he worked in a therapeutics company that develops biologics to treat cancer, and he plans to continue next summer! His favorite course at Cornell has been AEM 1600, and for fun, Paul likes to sail, golf, and hang out with his friends!

Paul’s words of advice for new students

“No matter how difficult it may seem at times you are not alone. Many people are going through and have gone through (like me) the stress that come with the major. There are a ton of resources to help you.”

College: Arts and Sciences

Tutoring: BIOG 1440, BIOMG 1350, BIOEE 1780

Email: pjh236 [at]