Obaed Shah ‘25

Obaed is concentrating in Molecular and Cellular Biology and plans to go to medical after graduation! He is researching infectious disease in the Hector Aguilar Carreno Lab at Cornell, volunteers at the Salvation Army, founded Rubik’s Cubing Club here, and is involved in the American Cancer Society. Obaed’s favorite course at Cornell has been either BIOG 1440 or CHEM 2070. Last summer, he did research with the Carreno Lab and is going to volunteer in a hospital, scribe, or shadow this summer. For fun, he likes to watch YouTube, play basketball with his friends, and watch movies!

Obaed’s words of advice to incoming students:

“The transition from high school into college can be very daunting yet so exciting at the same time. It is very important to really take it easy your first semester and ease into this drastic change in lifestyle-- don't take a heavy course load, make room to join many different clubs in order to meet people, and enjoy the beautiful Ithaca outdoors! It is completely okay to take 13 or 12 credits your first semester and just enjoy your new life at Cornell! You will have more than enough time to get all the credits you need to graduate!”

College: CALS

Tutoring: BIOG 1440, BIOG 1350, CHEM 2070, CHEM 2080, CHEM 3570, CHEM 3580

Email: os88 [at] cornell.edu