Minh Le '24

Minh is concentrating in Biochemistry and plans to attend graduate school and obtain a PhD in Chemistry.  At Cornell, Minh serves as Secretary of the Cornell Vietnamese Association (starting Fall '22).  He is an undergraduate researcher in the Milner Lab in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.  In his free time, he enjoys binge-watching Netflix and hanging out.  This past summer, he conducted research in the Milner Lab under the J. Emory Morris Fellowship from the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.  Minh's favorite classes at Cornell have been CHEM 3600 and BIOEE 1780.

Minh's advice for incoming students

"Please do not hesitate to reach out to upperclassmen :) or any other staff/faculty here.  We are here to help you succeed!"

College: Arts

Tutoring: BIOG 1500, BIOEE 1780, CHEM 2150, CHEM 2080, PHYS 2207/2208, CHEM 3590/3600

Email: prl45 [at] cornell.edu