Marco Malo ‘25

Marco is concentrating in Neurobiology and Behavior and plans to attend medical school after taking a gap year to work in a clinical setting and study for the MCAT! At Cornell, Marco researches Drosophila Melanogaster chromosomes and the expression of genes in flies’ brains and how it affects seizures, volunteers at Cayuga Medical Center and Habitat for Humanity, is a member of Cornell EARS, is captain of an intramural soccer team, serves on the Student Advisory Board for Cornell Cinema, and is a member of the Pre-Med Minority Mentorship and CU Tonight. His favorite course at Cornell has been BIOEE 3690: Chemical Ecology! Last summer, he completed summer classes, and this summer, he will be volunteering at Mount Sinai Hospital and work part-time as a mechanic! For fun, Marco likes to watch all types of movies with his friends, play the guitar, go on walks, and go to school events with friends.

His advice to freshmen:

My biggest piece of advice is to have sympathy for yourself. The transition to Cornell is going to be hard, whether socially or academically, and because of that it's important to be kind to yourself and have some compassion as you navigate this time in your life when things will change a lot.”

College: Arts and Sciences

Tutoring: BIOEE 1780

Email: mam679mam679 [at] (