Krishay Sridalla '24

Krishay is concentrating in Neurobiology & Behavior with plans to attend medical school.  On campus, he is a TA for CHEM 2070 and conducts research at the Crickard Lab.  For fun, Krishay enjoys hanging out with friends, playing the piano, and listening to music.  His favorite course at Cornell has been CHEM 3580: Organic Chemistry II.  In previous summers, Krishay has participated in the National Institutes of Health Summer Internship Program as a Cancer Research Trainee, volunteered at the DMC Sinai Grace Hospital, and studied for the MCAT.

His words of encouragement for incoming students

“Make use of your student advisor!  Their job is to give you advice, so make sure you ask them for it.  Also, talk to people if you’re struggling.  Everyone’s on the same boat.”

College: Arts

Tutoring: BIOMG 1350, BIOG 1440, CHEM 2070/2080, CHEM 3570/3580, PHYS 2207/2208

Email: ks942 [at]