Joseph S. Nocua Tole ‘24

Joseph is concentrating in Microbiology and plans to obtain a PhD in Microbiology after working in Biotechnology for 1-2 years! Currently, Joseph is doing research in The Schmidt Laboratory of Aquatic Microbiology, where he studies the microbial community composition of particle-attached microbes in suspended particulate matter in freshwater systems, and Meiogenix Inc, where he'll be conducting research on chromosome editing for plant breeding applications. He also is President of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Honor Society and a member of the “Limnolab,” which focuses on inland water systems, and his favorite course so far is BIOG 1445. For fun, he likes to go hiking and listen to music and do outside sports with his friends. Joseph also likes to cook! Last summer, Joseph did research at the Babbin Laboratory at MIT, and this summer, he will be conducting research for his honors thesis at Cornell.

His words of encouragement for new students

“Do your best to enjoy the college experience. It will not be easy, but when surrounded by the right people I think you'll come to find Cornell to be quite the place to spend 4 years at! :)”

College: CALS

Tutoring: BIOG 1445, BIOG 1500, BIOMG 3310, BIOMG 3320, BIOMI 2911, BIOMI 2900

Email: jsn74jsn74 [at] (