Jonathan Hoffman ‘24

Jonathan concentrates in Nutrition and plans to continue research then apply to medical school in a few years! Right now, Jonathan is researching cancer metabolism off campus, but at Cornell, he is a part of student advising, Epsilon Eta, and Outdoor Odyssey. Last summer, he did metabolic cancer research at UPENN, and will be shadowing an orthopedic surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia next summer! His favorite course at Cornell has been NS 1150 because it revealed his interest in human nutrition. For fun, Jonathan likes to do outdoor activities, such as hiking, climbing, and kayaking, read, watch TV/movies, and play video games.

His advice to freshmen:

“Cornell has more to offer than you could ever imagine. It will be worth your while ten times over to take some time and learn about the different types of resources available to you outside the classroom!”


College: CALS

Tutoring: CHEM 3570, NS 1150, BIOMG 3310

Email: jhh286srd79 [at] (