Hannah Robins ’23

Hannah concentrates in Neurobiology & Behavior with plans to attend medical school or possibly pursue an MD/PhD after graduation.  On campus, she is involved with the Cornell Symphony Orchestra and Cornell Percussion Ensemble, and TA’s for BIOG 1445.  She is also a research assistant at the Selvaraj Lab (since March 2021). Hannah’s favorite class has been BIOMG 2801: Laboratory in Genetics and Genomics.  For fun, she enjoys listening to and playing music, snowboarding, biking, and exploring Ithaca.  In previous summers, she has participated in on-campus and clinical research. This school year, Hannah is looking forward to BioFest and more in-person advising events! 

Her words of advice for new students

“Take advantage of all the unique experiences and resources Cornell has to offer!  Whether it’s a cool class for your concentration or something completely unrelated to biology, there are so many incredible opportunities that you should take advantage of while you’re here!”

College: Arts

Tutoring: BIOMG 1350, BIOG 1440/1445, BIOEE 1780, BIONB 2210/2220

Email: her47 [at] cornell.edu