Frieda Nemon ‘25

Frieda concentrates in Neurobiology and Behavior and plans to attend medical or graduate school to earn a PhD in Neuroscience, and she considers getting an MFA before grad school! At Cornell, Frieda researches avian song systems in the Goldberg Lab and is a member of Alpha Chi Sigma, a pre-professional chemistry fraternity! Her favorite class at Cornell so far is either ART 2601: Intro to Photography or the Bahamas Dive Trip PE. Last summer, Frieda did research in Ithaca, and next summer, she will be taking classes at UC Berkeley and working a clinical job! For fun, she likes to play guitar, do art (painting and photography), and listen to music.

Frieda’s words of advice for incoming students:

Trusting yourself and your abilities is always important. Don’t doubt what you are capable of!”

College: CALS

Tutoring: BIOMG1350, CHEM3570, CHEM3580, CHEM2510, BIONB2210

Email: fsn8fsn8 [at] (