Destiny Okoro '23

Destiny is concentrating in Genetics, Genomics, & Development with plans to take a gap year before pursuing medical school.  On campus and in Ithaca, she is involved with Phi Delta Epsilon, the Biology Scholars Program, Cornell Tradition, and volunteering at Cayuga Medical Center.  She also conducts research in Brian Lazzaro’s lab.  Her favorite class is HD 1150: Human Development: Infancy and Childhood.  In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, learning new recipes and watching TV.  In previous summers, Destiny conducted research as a part of the CIHMID URE, and participated in the WISER program at Weill Cornell.

Destiny's words of advice for new students

“You got this!”

College: Arts

Tutoring: None

Email: doo9 [at]