Daniela Lastras-Castrejon ‘25

Daniela concentrates in General Biology with plans to either pursue a Ph.D. or attend medical school after taking a few gap years to focus on research. On campus, Daniela is involved as part of the E-Board in the Residential Sustainability Leaders club, and is also part of the Mexican Students Association. She is also a research assistant at the Simpson lab and conducts research on adherent invasive E. coli. During her free time, Daniela enjoys reading and going on runs. Her favorite course at Cornell is NTRES 2010. Daniela has conducted research at Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory during the summer of 2022, and is volunteering at hospitals during the summer of 2023.


Daniela's words of advice to incoming students:

"Feel free to use the resources provided at Cornell to explore different hobbies and interests! Don't be afraid to reach out to others with questions or for help."

College: CALS

Tutoring: CHEM 2070, CHEM 2080, BIOEE 1780, BIOMI 2900

Email: dl963 [at] cornell.edu