Cristy Torres ’25

Cristy is concentrating in Genetics, Genomics, and Development and plans to do a PhD program after graduation! She is a first-generation Latina student, and at Cornell, Cristy researches transposon expression in zebrafish retinal regeneration  in the Feschotte Lab, writes for the science section of the Cornell Daily Sun, TAs for CHEM 2070 and CHEM 1080, is apart of the McNair Scholars Program and the Biology Scholars Program (BSP). Her favorite course so far has been BIOMG 2800! For fun, Cristy likes to hang out with her friends and read. Last summer, she participated in the CHAMPS Program. For this upcoming summer, she is going to be in Northwestern University’s CURE Program.

Cristy's words of advice

Cornell is what you make of it!”

College: Arts and Sciences

Email: ct538sga37 [at] (