Alida Pahlevan ‘24

Alida is concentrating in General Biology and plans to attend medical school after taking a gap year after graduation! At Cornell, Alida researches organismal nutrition, metabolism, and physiology in the Berry Lab, is Vice President of Recruitment of Phi Delta Epsilon, a medical fraternity, volunteers for the Brain Exercise Initiative, TAs for BIOEE 1780, is a Kaplan Student Brand Ambassador, and has worked in both the Uris and Olin Libraries! Her favorite course at Cornell has been an Intergroup Dialogue course. Next summer, she will be working as a medical assistant in a breast surgeon’s office full time and will be shadowing surgeons in the operating room. In her free time, Alida loves to explore graphic design, listen to music, and work out (lifting and long-distance running)!

Her advice to freshmen:

“Never be afraid to ask questions! Ask anything no matter how trivial!”

College: CALS

Tutoring: BIOEE 1780

Email: ap2227 [at]