Alexandra Alexandrou '24

Alexandra is concentrating in Cell and Molecular Biology with plans to join a PhD program focusing on cell biology after graduation.  On campus, she is a part of the CUIMAGE communications board and is involved with CURB, CURJ, and is a student ambassador for the Academic Achievements and Petitions Committee.  She also works with the College of Arts and Sciences as an assistant researcher in communications, in which she helps move/design content for different A&S designed websites.  In her sophomore year, she conducted research in the Chapie Lab.  In her free time, Alexandra plays cello and enjoys hiking, vacationing and traveling with friends and family.  Her favorite class at Cornell so far has been BIOMG 3320.

Alexandra’s advice for incoming freshmen

“Cornell is not easy, but it is working through the challenges, and watching yourself grow and mature through them, along side some of the best people you will meet, that makes it one of the most rewarding places you will attend/be a part of.  Remember to find a balance between studying, and having fun, the rest will work out!”

College: CALS

Tutoring: None

Email: zdb22 [at] (aea237@c)