• Alexa Schmitz, Ph.D., is the recipient of an inaugural ‘Rising Women Innovator Award.’ Alexa is a post-doctoral research associate in the lab of Buz Barstow, Assistant Professor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and In the Barstow lab, she is working on engineering microbes to extract rare earth elements. Her work has been funded by multiple sources, including The Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, The Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability, the Cornell Energy Systems Institutes, and the Burroughs Welcome Fund. Video produced by Cornell alumna Shira Evergreen '02 from Uplifted Ithaca.

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Anonymous snorkeler swimming in azure seawater


Look before you leap: Study provides safety guidelines for diving

New research in biomechanics measures the impact of head-first, hand-first and feet-first diving and the likelihood of injury at different diving heights.

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The Pew Sundial on the Engineering Quadrangle in fall.


Dan Aneshansley, Ph.D. ’72, professor emeritus of biological and environmental engineering, whose research impacted the state’s dairy and fruit production, died July 3. He was 79.

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Patches of green fields taken from above


Cornell Atkinson has awarded seed funding to nine interdisciplinary projects that address a range of sustainability topics.

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Three Cornell scientists were honored during a June 1 ceremony promoting women’s engagement in innovation and commercialization – part of Cornell’s efforts to elevate women inventors, who were awarded just 12.8% of all U.S. patents in 2019.

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dean ben houlton standing on the ag quad


Benjamin Z. Houlton, the Ronald P. Lynch Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, testified June 15 to the U.S. House Agriculture Committee on the role of climate research in supporting agricultural resiliency.

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