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This course covers the training requirements for facilities manufacturing shelf stable foods using Mild Thermal Processes, such as acidified foods and Water Activity Controlled Foods.

About Better Process Control School

  • FDA regulations 21 CFR 108, 113, and 114 require that each processor of low-acid or acidified foods operate with a certified supervisor on hand at all times during processing to prevent public health problems in low acid and acidified packaged foods. 
  • The BPCS course also meets USDA FSIS regulations 9 CFR 431 for thermally processed meat and poultry products.
  • The BPCS subject areas include thermal processing system operations, microbiological food safety, equipment operations, acidification, and container closure evaluation for low acid and acidified canned foods.
  • The BPCS program is an important and valuable educational opportunity for operators, mid-level managers, and employees of food processing plants that utilize thermal processing.
  • The course is an excellent platform to improve thermal processing knowledge for food safety and quality assurance personnel, individuals who work with rigid and flexible packaged food products, academia, auditors, and government inspectors.

Cost:  $450 per person - covers the Acidified (Mild Thermally Processed) Foods Program as well as the text book.  Lunch is included both days.

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Location: Cornell AgriTech, Jordan Hall Auditorium, 630 W. North Street, Geneva, NY 14456


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Gemma Osborne


Food Science

Cornell Food Venture Center

Institute for Food Safety

Cornell Food Venture Center

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