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Session Summary

Despite decades of interventions, diversity within the STEM academia/workforce has seen only incremental progress & a continued unwillingness to change how we select, train, & hire historically excluded/underrepresented individuals from the undergraduate through the professoriate.

I’ll summarize some of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion research and the on-going challenge to apply what is widely known within STEM Education research. I’ll talk about an innovative UG STEM/Biology program that differs from traditional diversity interventions.

I will interject some on-going solutions being led by Indigenous scholars and share my own experiences as a Northern Cheyenne Biologist and Administrator.

a man stands with a camera around his neck in front of the Grand Canyon

About Dr. Welch

Dr. Corey Welch is the Director of the STEM Scholars Program at Iowa State University. His love of nature took a first generation, low income, Northern Cheyenne/White kid from a trailer park in Montana toward a career as a biologist. He has a biology degree from Lewis & Clark College, a M.S. in the department of Systematics & Ecology from the University of Kansas, and a Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Washington. He has done extensive field work in the Kansas, the Pacific Northwest, and Eastern Australia. Prior to his Ph.D., he taught introductory biology & ecology at Haskell Indian Nations University, one of the largest tribal colleges.

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Dr. Corey Welch, (Northern Cheyenne), Director, STEM Scholars Program, Iowa State University

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