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Aparajita Bhandari

Graduate Student, Department of Communication

Aparajita Bhandari standing next to a waterfall

Contact Information

ab2725 [at]

  • Bhandari, A., Bimo, S. (2022). Why’s Everyone on TikTok Now? The Algorithmized Self and the Future of Sociality on Social MediaSocial Media + Society. 
  • Bhandari, A., Ozanne, M., Bazarova, N., DiFranzo, D. (2021). Do You Care Who Flagged This Post? Effects of Moderator Visibility on Bystander Behavior. Journal of Computer Mediated Communication. 26(5), 284-300.
  • Bhandari, A., Sun, B. (2021). An Online “Home” for the Homeless: Analysing the Subreddit R/homeless. New Media and Society. doi:
  • Kruzan, K., Whitlock, J., Bazarova, N., Bhandari, A., Chapman, J. (2021). Promoting recovery from nonsuicidal self-injury: A small-scale randomized controlled trial of a mobile peer support application. JMIR Formative Research.