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The Department of Animal Science offers undergraduate and graduate programs on the biology and management of food, laboratory and companion animal species. Our research programs advance our understanding of animal biology and address local and global issues facing animal industries today. Our goals are to discover and develop new techniques and information to benefit animals, agriculture and human health. Our internationally recognized faculty have diverse interests in animal management, breeding, genetics, physiology, nutrition, growth biology and microbiology.

Major in Animal Science

Animal science majors learn from internationally recognized professors in all aspects of domestic animal biology: breeding, genetics, nutrition, physiology, growth, behavior and management.

Animal Science Major

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International Opportunities

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Graduate Studies

Approximately 40 graduate students from a variety of disciplines belong to the Department of Animal Science, most of them in the field of animal science.


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Field Note

Finding your Path: Students Explore Careers in Animal Science
Undergraduate Animal Science students are required to take ANSC 1105: Careers in Animal Science, which provides a glimpse into the wide variety of unique fields open to anyone with a passion for animals. Learn more about the course and what it...
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cornell vet school

Field Note

The Careers in Animal Science class (ANSC 1105) allows students to explore various animal science opportunities and develop skills that will aid them in career planning. Recently, six students from Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine with differing backgrounds, species interests, and intended specialties visited the class for a Q & A. Here’s a snapshot what they had to say!
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manure storage


PRO-DAIRY Dairy Environmental Systems (DES) is seeking New York State (NYS) dairy farmers interested in collaborating on a project to study greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from manure management and storage sites. Results will be used to help...

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