Course Calendar

This course was presented live in Summer 2021 and is now available in an on-demand format!  The on-demand format includes access to 14 hours of pre-recorded content and supplemental materials.  Cost is $250 per user.

Continuing Education Credits

This course has been approved for a maximum of 1.8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from the Cornell School of Continuing Education.  Upon completion of all sessions, you may receive a certificate. For more information, contact Heather Darrow at hh96 [at]

Topic Outline

  • Rumen function and metabolism – Tawny Chandler
  • Carbohydrate nutrition – focus on fiber – Rick Grant
  • Carbohydrate nutrition – focus on starch – Heather Dann
  • Protein and amino acid nutrition – Mike Van Amburgh
  • Nutrition and the environment – Kristan Reed
  • Fats and fatty acids in dairy nutrition – Tom Overton
  • Nutrition and milk components – Tom Overton
  • Water quality in dairy nutrition – Rick Grant
  • Management impacts for cow behavior – Rick Grant
  • Calf nutrition and management – Sarah Morrison
  • Heifer nutrition and management – Mike Van Amburgh
  • Minerals and vitamins – Larry Chase
  • Feeding and managing the dry cow – Tom Overton
  • Feeding and managing the fresh cow – Heather Dann
  • Forage production for dairy herds – Joe Lawrence
  • Silage fermentation and management – Kristan Reed and Larry Chase