The Egg-Vengers is a group of undergraduate students working to address local food waste and food insecurity at Cornell and in the greater Ithaca region through the implementation of more sustainable food practices.


  • We have been donating weekly egg shipments to Loaves and Fishes of Tompkins County, the Friendship Donation Network, King Ferry Food Pantry, and The Salvation Army.
  • Since the beginning of our program in March of 2020, we have successfully donated over 10,000 eggs to community resources within the Ithaca region.

Works in Progress...

  • Our groups is actively developing the “Egg-Venger’s Breakfast Burrito” initiative
    • This program utilizes a portion of the recovered eggs to develop a healthy, low-cost breakfast alternative for students at Cornell
    • Burritos will be distributed on central campus to ensure all students afforded access to a low-cost healthy breakfast.
    • Burritos are funded entirely by donations, with eggs being sourced from the poultry farm and other ingredients being donated from companies such as BJ’s Wholesale and Cabot Creamery
  • We have recently begun development of a campus wide research initiative investing food insecurity in the college kids
    • Our research aims to identify those populations most at risk for experiencing food insecurity, the prevalence of food insecurity in the Cornell community, and ways to better address food insecurity on campus.

Our Mission

To address local food waste and food insecurity by repurposing the Cornell Poultry Farm’s unused eggs back into the Cornell community and greater Ithaca region. To accomplish this, we aim to collaborate with fellow undergraduate students, hoping to inspire an increase in future sustainability efforts.


Undergraduate Leaders

  • Colin Detrick ’23
  • Brianna Green ’23
  • Will Crainer ’23
  • Sunny Levitis ’22
  • Regina Martinez ‘22

Graduate Student Advisors

  • Dr. Kasey Schalich
  • Laurie Francoeur
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Faculty Advisor

Contact Information

Send us an email at cev.cornell [at] (cev[dot]cornell[at]gmail[dot]com)