All students must complete one of the following concentrations along with the core coursework. Concentrations need to be selected by the start of junior year. 

  • Integrative Physiology and Nutrition builds a foundation of animal physiology and nutrition along with exploring several advanced elective courses. This is a great concentration for students interested in a research career and/or seeking a competitive edge in future veterinary training.
  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine serves the dual purpose of providing a foundation in animal physiology and fulfilling prerequisites for veterinary schools, and other health professions.
  • Dairy Management focuses on the science, management, and business skills needed to be successful in the dairy industry and the larger agricultural business environment.
  • Applied Animal Biology and Interdisciplinary Studies provides a breadth of nutrition, physiology and management while allowing the opportunity to explore electives.

Note: If you are a Pre-vet, it does not mean that you have to take the Pre-vet concentration. You can take any of the above concentrations and still meet vet school requirements and keep your options open.