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Alivia Moore

Graduate Student, Department of Communication

Alivia Moore

Contact Information

adm248 [at]

  • Markowitz, David M., Levine, T. R., Serota, Kim B., Moore, A.D (2023) Cross-Checking Journalistic  Fact-Checkers: The Role of Sampling and Scaling in Interpreting False and Misleading Statements
  • Levine, T. R., Punyanunt-Carter, N. M., & Moore, A. (2021). The Truth-Default and Video Clips: Testing the Limits of Credulity. Communication Studies72(2), 133-145.
  • Dye, L., Moore A.D., McLeod, P. (2022). “It Depends Who You Talk to: Relationship between Climate Change Conversation with Different Groups, Climate Change Belief, and Policy Support.” Virtual Presentation. International Communication Association

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