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This talk will examine the ways in which art and poetic practices can revision our spaces and provide new anti-colonial tools. Rethinking colonial spatial philosophies must include our mind’s eye so that we can reimagine a just world. Settler environmental control is often invisible in its scaffolding of power, by revisioning we expose its superstructure and hopefully build new sightlines which account for colonial and racial injustice.  I will explore the work of video poems, or “poemeos”, as Heid Erdrich calls them and speak to the various role of artist and poets to create new avenues that structure healthier relationships.

Date & Time

September 30, 2022
12:25 pm - 1:30 pm

Dr. Mishuana Goeman

Mishuana Goeman (Tonawanda Band of Seneca) is a Professor and Chair of Indigenous Studies at the University at Buffalo. Along with several journal and book chapters, she is also the author of Mark My Words: Native Women Mapping Our Nations (University of Minnesota Press, 2013), part of Keywords in Gender and Sexuality Studies (2021) editorial collective, and a Co-PI on three community based digital projects, Mapping Indigenous L.A (2015)Carrying Our Ancestors Home (2019), and Director of California Native Mukurtu Hub (2021)

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