Farm Resources for Cornell Researchers

How to access the resources on this page

These resources are created for Cornell researchers and educators, who either have existing projects or are interested in starting a new project at one of the research farms managed by Cornell AES. You will be prompted to sign in with your Cornell Single Sign On (SSO) information. 

All documents on this page are in PDF format. 

Important Information for all Farms

Research Farm Reference Guides

This document is intended to provide essential information for faculty, staff and students conducting work at one of the farms managed by Cornell AES. It provides farm-specific information, safety and compliance requirements, emergency procedures, general cultural requirements and the general availability of labor.

Researcher and Educator Checklist

This checklist is intended to be a helpful resource as you collaborate with Cornell AES staff to begin a project at one of the farms managed by Cornell AES. Before beginning a new project, please review each topic on the list with the farm manager.

Guidelines for Certified Organic Research

Weather Data and IPM Forecasts

Find up-to-date weather data and pest forecasts on the NEWA website from weather station at our following locations:

  • Cornell Orchards (Ithaca)
  • Cornell Orchards (Lansing)
  • Bluegrass Lane (Ithaca)
  • Musgrave Research Farm (Aurora)
  • Thompson Research Farm (Freeville)
  • LIHREC (Riverhead)
  • Willsboro Research Farm (Willsboro)

Maps of Research Farms

Please do not share these detailed farm maps outside the Cornell community. Thank you.

Maps of Campus Area Farms (CAF)

Maps of Farm Services (FS)