Animal Sciences

Faculty committee: S. M. Quirk, chair; Y. R. Boisclair, D.J. Cherney, K. J. Czymmek, J. Gavalchin, H. J. Huson, Q. M. Ketterings, J. W. McFadden, T. R. Overton, M. L. Thonney, E. T.  Won

The objective of the animal sciences research honors program is to provide outstanding undergraduates with the opportunity to pursue supervised, independent research and to develop an awareness of the scientific process. Honors-level research will require significant effort and creative input by the student in its design, execution, and reporting of results.

Application Requirements and Procedures

Those students who major in animal sciences and are interested in doing a research project should consult with their faculty advisors during their junior year. All students are expected to meet the college requirements in qualifying for the program and to complete the following:

Honors Degree Requirements

Students who are accepted into the Animal Sciences Research Honors Program must complete the following in order to graduate with Distinction in Research:

  • Identify a potential research honors project sponsor (i.e., a faculty member at Cornell working in the animal sciences) and secure that faculty member’s commitment to sponsor the student in the research project. This task should be accomplished by the second semester of junior year or earlier. Students are encouraged to implement some research during the junior year and/or summer before the senior year.
  • Enroll in the Honors Program using the CALS application form within the first 6 weeks of the fall semester, senior year.
  • Register for ANSC 4990 - Undergraduate Research in Animal Science.
  • Participate in ANSC 4020 Seminar in Animal Sciences during the spring semester of the senior year and report on and discuss the project and results.
  • Submit a written thesis to the Animal Sciences Research Honors Committee by the scheduled deadline (mid-April for May graduates). Specific information regarding deadlines, format, and organization for the thesis will be provided.
  • Meet with the Animal Sciences Research Honors Committee for a short oral defense of the thesis, following a review of the thesis by the student’s mentor and the research committee.
  • Submit to the honors committee chair an electronic copy of the final approved thesis (in pdf or Word format) as well as a bound copy of the thesis.
  • Students may volunteer to publish their thesis at eCommons Cornell University Library, as long as doing so does not interfere with other plans, such as patenting or publishing in another journal. A permission form can be obtained from the honors committee chair.
  • Each year, in recognition of student honors research achievements, CALS prints a booklet of honors theses abstracts (CALS Research Honors Abstracts). Students are responsible for submitting their formatted abstracts in accordance with abstract publication instructions.

Details pertaining to the specific requirements of the program can be obtained from Dr. Quirk, Department of Animal Science, 434 Morrison Hall.