Repeating a Course

CALS students may repeat a course previously completed at Cornell. Students may wish to repeat a course in order to demonstrate an increased understanding of course material or to improve a grade. If you wish to repeat a course, please know that the course will not count towards the 120 academic credits required of your degree. At the end of each semester after grades have been posted the Registrar will do a review of each student’s record and email them if they have repeated a course or taken a course that is a forbidden overlap.

Important Information about repeating a course:

  • Both grades will appear on the official transcript.
  • Both grades will be included in the cumulative GPA.
  • The repeated course will count toward the minimum of 12 credits required for full-time status.
  • The repeated course will increase the number of credits required for graduation by the number of credits in the course.

Students are able to repeat a course at another institution, however if the student has successfully completed the course at Cornell, it will not transfer onto the students record.