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Independent Study, Research, Internship, and Teaching Assistant Credit

Independent Study, Supervised Teaching Experience, Internships, and Undergraduate Research is available online. This form can only be used for an individual study, supervised teaching, internship, or undergraduate research course in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences during the fall or spring semester. This means a CALS faculty member must be responsible for assigning a grade.  This site cannot be used for NS courses, EAS courses, COMM 4960, BIOG 2990 or BIOG 4990.  For NS courses, please contact the College of Human Ecology.  For COMM 4960, please contact the Communications department.  For EAS courses, please contact the College of Engineering. For BIOG, please contact the Biology Department directly in 216 Stimson or visit their web site for more information.

  • Do not submit this form for a course in another college. If you are completing an individual study, supervised teaching, internship, or undergraduate research course in another college, you must follow the enrollment procedures set forth by that college.
  • A maximum total of 15 credits from individual study, supervised teaching, internship (6 credits maximum), or undergraduate research courses can be applied toward your degree. 
  • Credits received for individual study, supervised teaching, internship, or undergraduate research courses cannot be used to fulfill CALS distribution requirements 
  • In general, students are expected to work 3 hours per week for each credit hour they earn for a Special Studies course. Please review this credit guidelines outline to for details.
  • The 4960 course number refers to internships.  
    • The number of credits awarded for internships is based on how many hours students work at their internship over a semester.  The maximum credits for any single internship per semester are 3.  Internships are expected to complete a minimum of 40 hours per credit.
  • The 4970 course number refers to individual study courses. 
  • The 4980 course number refers to supervised teaching experiences. 
  • The 2990 and 4990 course numbers refers to undergraduate research.

If you are completing Independent Study, Research, Internship or Teaching Assistant credit over the summer or winter session then you must register for the course through the school of Continuing Education.