Faculty-Led Study Tours

Students in India
Samantha Klasfeld, Biological Sciences ’14, travelled to India with the IARD 6020 Study Tour during January 2012. Here she shows a local student how to use her phone camera while drinking a cup of traditional masala tea.

CALS faculty members have a long tradition of conducting study tours, sharing their knowledge and exposing students to international settings. Study tours can be as little as one week or span over an entire summer. Generally speaking, a study tour is an academic course combining traditional classroom learning with experiential learning abroad. Students benefit from the leadership of faculty and staff and their expertise in the subject area and experience in the host site abroad. For students who have never travelled internationally, study tours can be a good way to get one’s feet wet in a safe and supervised setting.

Below is a list of faculty-led study tours offered at Cornell. This list is certainly not exhaustive, and new study tours are introduced each year. Always check the Courses of Study to confirm which study tours are being offered. Also, be sure to check bulletin boards and talk with faculty members to find out what else is being offered.

  • AEM 3290 International Agribusiness Study Trip (locations vary)
  • AEM 3381 Social Entrepreneurship Field Study (offered in Fall with travel to Honduras in January)
  • BIOEE 2640 Tropical Field Ornithology (Dominican Republic)
  • BIOEE 2650 Tropical Field Ecology & Behavior (Kenya)
  • DSOC 4500 Bridges to Community (Nicaragua)
  • EAS 4170 Field Mapping in Argentina
  • IARD 4010/LATA 4010 Experience Latin America I: Bridging Worlds: Rural and Urban Communities
  • IARD/LATA/NTRES 4011/6011 Student-Community Partnerships in Ecuador
  • IARD 4020/FDSC 4020 Agriculture in Developing Nations I (India)
  • IARD 4940 Special Topics in International Agriculture (Varies. Panama, Honduras, Philippines in the past)
  • IARD 6010/LATA 6010 Experience Latin America II: Chiapas Edition (Mexico)
  • IARD 6020/FDSC 6020 International Agriculture in Developing Nations (India)
  • IARD 6940 Special Topics (Philippines)
  • Cornell’s School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions (locations vary)
  • CIIFAD Smart Program (multiple locations)

Special note: Students attending the University of Copenhagen through the CALS Exchange Program are eligible to participate in the Sustainable Land Use and Natural Resource Management (SLUSE) field-study program offered by faculty at the University of Copenhagen. Students combine a semester of coursework at the University of Copenhagen with a three-week field experience and project in a developing country.