Global Fellows Available Internships

The tiles below represent the CALS Global Fellows Program internship offerings and locations for the 2019 program. Click any tile below to view an initial description of the internship placement(s). From there, click on each linked internship title to explore more in-depth details.

Note: In many cases, the Global Fellows Program offers more than one internship within the same country and/or global partner. Applicants may list up to three internship preferences in their application.













Hungary: Szent István University (SZIU) Research Groups

5 European Union ERASMUS funded research placements in dynamic SZIU research groups in biology and ecology fields. SZIU is one of Hungary’s most prominent institutions of higher education and consists of eight different faculties for study and research hosting approximately 15,000 students with campuses in Gödöllő and Budapest, the latter commonly cited as one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.

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Singapore: National University of Singapore Undergraduate Research Attachment in Science (URAPS)

2 placements in cutting-edge research under the supervision of a faculty member in state-of-the-art laboratories. Prospective applicants identify (and may contact) NUS Faculty of Science professors they would like to work alongside. Note: an affirmative response from an NUS faculty member does not guarantee acceptance into the NUS Program and Global Fellows Program.

Suggested majors: Biology/Biometry & Statistics/Entomology

Areas of focus: microbiology, immunology, statistics and applied probability, biological sciences, biochemistry

Ecuador/Galapagos: Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) Internship Program

4 unique internships are available in Ecuador based in the vibrant capital city of Quito. 2 placements have significant time in the field, including one based on the Galapagos island of San Cristobal

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5 placements opportunities are offered this year. The Global Fellows Programs has a special commitment to expand internship opportunities in India. Currently, the program collaborates with the Tata Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition and Sathguru Management Consultants, both of which have deeply rooted ties to CALS.   

  • India: Tata Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI)
    2 internships are possible through the Tata Cornell Institute (TCI), headquartered in Delhi. TCI is a long-term research initiative focusing on the design and evaluation of innovative interventions linking agriculture, food systems, human nutrition, and poverty in India.
    Suggested majors: IARD/Ag Sci/Global Health/ Dev. Sociology
    Areas of focus: economics, agriculture, international relations, development studies, health, nutrition, human ecology, gender studies
  • India: Sathguru Management Consultants P.Ltd
    3 placements with Sathguru. Located in Hyderabad, Sathguru offers a diverse portfolio of services, including strategic & financial advice, sector growth assessment, capital market advice, and brand affiliation management through the lens of development and innovative life sciences & technology.
    Suggested majors: AEM/IARD/Info Sci/Biological Eng/Biology/Ag. Sci
    Areas of focus: content development, user interface/user experience, GIS, machine learning, agriculture development, computational biology, molecular biology

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Portugal: U.Porto Research Groups

2 research placements with field work opportunities. Live in the world heritage city of Porto while working in Vairão, located 25 km north of Porto, near Vila do Conde, a historic town near the Atlantic Ocean. In 2017, World Travel selected Portugal as both Europe's Leading Destination and the World's Leading Destination.

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China: ShanghaiTech Summer Lab 

2 research lab placements. ShanghaiTech is a young resource-rich university with a modern residential campus in the heart of Shanghai Pudong’s Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. With an academic focus on STEAM research, ShanghaiTech is committed to carrying out China’s national development strategy and nurturing the next generation of innovative scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs.

Suggested majors: Info Sci/Biology/Bio & Env. Engineering

Areas of focus: (multiple) neuroscience, biophysics, artificial intelligence, materials science; click to view list of 2019 labs

Thailand: Asia Internship Program (AIP)

6 internships within a diverse array of small businesses and organizations. AIP will confirm specific placements after a matching/interview process that takes into account the selected student's skills & interests and the available opportunities.Suggested majors: multiple, though in particular AEM/Comm/BSoc/Info Sci/Food Sci/ESS

Areas of focus: business development, consulting, entrepreneurship, environment, design, import/export, IT, law, PR & marketing, and more

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Botswana: Go Fresh!

2 internships in award-winning Botswana-based agricultural operation in Maun that utilizes the latest greenhouse and hydroponic technology to locally grow Grade-1 vegetables consistently, year-round. Interns will work with the 12 Batswana youth leaders that lead the daily operations of the business. This is an excellent opportunity for a student to get access to all functions of a small business (e.g. from operations to HR) and to work alongside young Botswanan college-graduate leaders.

Suggested majors: AEM/IARD/Env. (Ag) Eng/Ag. Science

Areas of focus: analysis of sales trends, human resources, domestic market opportunities, product review, agriculture practices, business-planning and challenges in context, and other special projects

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Malawi: Soils, Food and Healthy Communities

2 project placement in northern Malawi with an NGO focused on community and farmer-led projects and participatory research.

Suggested majors: Dev. Sociology/IARD/Agr Sci/ESS

Areas of focus: agroecology, gender equity, ecology, food security, entomology, biodiversity, participatory methodology

Australia: Sydney Internship Program

6 placements in Sydney with small businesses, nongovernmental organizations and nonprofits in diverse fields. Sydney will confirm specific placements after a matching/interview process that takes into account the selected student's skills & interests and the available opportunities.

Suggested majors: multiple, though in particular AEM/Comm/ESS/IDS

Areas of focus: marketing, digital media, communications, social enterprise, advertising, and advocacy

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Madrid: European Molecular Biology Research

One opportunity available at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) - Centro de Biotecnología y Genómica de Plantas. Research focus is dependent upon the student’s interest in areas such as Plant Development, Biotechnology, Genomics, and Computational and Systems Biology. It is highly recommended that the candidate have at least 1 year of Spanish language experience.

Suggested majors: Ag Sci/Bio/Plant Sci/Computational Sci

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