Global Fellows Available Internships

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of all 2018 internships. Click on the titles below to view an initial description of each placement. From there, click any of placement titles above each paragraph (in red) to view more in-depth details.

Quito, Ecuador and Galapagos Islands: Distribution and impacts of noxious species in the Galápagos

1-2 available research placements via the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ). Students will be working directly with a faculty member. In this internship, students will spend four weeks at the USFQ research station on the Galapagos Islands and 2-4 additional weeks in Quito. 2 semesters of Spanish required

Singapore: cutting-edge research in laboratories at the National University of Singapore (NUS)

2 available placements from students who can identify a research project at the NUS Faculty of Science. Conduct research at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Faculty of Science under supervision of a Faculty member. Students will identify a faculty members at NUS that they would like to work with and research projects will be determined with the individual faculty member. 

Kenya: The Push-Pull ecological control technology: Organic and sustainable pest control in smallholder farms

2 available placements are offered in collaboration with the International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology in Kenya and under the supervision of a Cornell professors and graduate students as well as Kenyan researchers. Students will be involved in research projects that aim to understand the mechanism underlying the push-pull technology, a conservation agricultural application to control insect pest of grain crops in East Africa. The research will include field and laboratory experiments with plants and insects as well as close collaborations with smallholder farmers. 

Quito, Ecuador and Northern Andes: research on high-elevation peatland drainage

1-2 available research placements via a faculty member at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ). Students will be working on effects of high-elevation peatland drainage on the water chemistry and benthic communities of high-elevation streams of the Northern Andes. The student(s) will be involved in the design of the study and will be responsible for collecting and analyzing field data. Students will live in Quito and will do day trips to the paramo of Papallacta and Antisana. 2 semesters of Spanish required

New Zealand: research in environmental decision making in New Zealand

1 available research placement at Christchurch University working directly with a faculty member. The research comprises collaborative governance, iwi (Maori tribes) led governance, and market led governance initiatives.  Students applying for this placement would ideally study the following majors: LARCH, AgSci, AnSci, DSOC, ESS, AEM, Biology. 

New Zealand:    research project intern in Dryland Pastures Research

This research placement Zealand will be offered with a faculty member working at the Field Research Centre of Dryland Pastures at Lincoln University. Students should ideally study Plant or Soil Sciences or Biology. A selected student should be self-directed and arrive with a clear articulation of what learning objectives they hope to achieve and learn in this self-designed placement.

Botswana: ag-business product development, and operations management support

2 available placements at Langdon Organic. Students will be working for a Cornell alumna and member of the Cornell advisory board. Students will have the chance to apply for two projects:  1) Work on development of high-protein grass for organic/sustainably grown products that will be sold into the high-end safari tourism industry. Tasks will include business planning and project design. Ideal for an Animal Science or Ag Engineering major. 2) Complete an ISO 9001 compliant quality management system (QMS) for GoFresh! Fellow will get access to all functions of a small business (eg., from operations to HR) and will work alongside young college-graduate leaders. Ideal for a Business/Ag Economics or Ag Engineering major. 

Quito, Ecuador: Food product development

4 available placements offered in partnership with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ). The two placements for Food Science students (ideally) in the areas of Food product development and cacao production will be offered in Quito, Ecuador. 2-4 semester semesters of Spanish required depending on internship.

Bangkok, Thailand: business, non-profit and civic engagement

4 available placements for students from any major. The eight- week-long Internships are offered via an internship provider and exact placements will be determined depending on student’s interests. Internships can be offered in the areas of Finance, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Business Development, and Agriculture. Students will typically be placed in startups or small and medium-sized enterprises but a larger company placement might occasionally be possible as well. 

Newcastle & York, United Kingdom: assessing communication strategies in response to food fraud and outbreaks

1 available placement with the Institute for Agri-Food Research and Innovation, in partnership with Newcastle University. The internship involves the analysis of data on consumer behavioral responses to food fraud scandals, desktop research of the literature and data from the EU/UK projects to identify communication issues and strategies. Based on this initial research, the intern will support a team of Newcastle University and Fera researchers to develop a survey instrument to elicit factors that affect consumers’ perceptions of risk in food chain and food safety in the supply chain, and other contributing factors. The ideal intern would be an AEM or COMM major, or Food Safety track major with a minor in business and the required skill-set. 

Sydney, Australia: small business or NGO/NPO placements

6 available placements for students from any major. Internships are offered via the University of Sydney internship program and will be determined depending on student’s interests. Eight- week-long placements in small or middle-sized companies or non-profit organizations from a variety of fields including Marketing, Digital Communication, Business Analytics.

London, United Kingdom: human protein diets and the impacts on agricultural land value

1 available placement with Savills UK, a leading real estate advisor and with a value-embracing approach to rural economy research and business. This internship is provided in partnership with Newcastle University. The intern would do preliminary work assessing current market trends in protein based foods; gather information about the water, energy and land required to produced 100 gr of protein from different sources; and determine what would be the impact of changes in the proportion of proteins in human diets on the land values. The ideal candidate would have a major in Business and applied economics with a minor in either food or environmental sciences and would have good analytical and communication skills. 

India: Tata Global Fellows

2 available placements in Delhi or with one of the TCI partners located in the states of Orissa, Bihar, Telangana or Uttar Pradesh. Research projects will be offered via the Tata-Cornell Institute of Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI). The Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) is a long-term research initiative focusing on the design and evaluation of innovative interventions linking agriculture, food systems, human nutrition, and poverty in India. The Tata Global Fellows will be working in ongoing projects on topics related to agriculture, food and nutrition, potentially in cooperation with Cornell grad students. 

Tanzania: international development

2 available placements with Episcopal Relief & Development, in partnership with The Development Services Company (DSC) of the Diocese of Central Tanganyika (DSC-DCT). DCT-DSC focuses on improving food supply, promoting health and fighting disease. Students would be able to contribute to DCT-DSC’s work in Conservation Agriculture promotion and to the overall objective of sustainably improving food security in the region, through targeted operations research. Ideally, the students applying for this internship would study IARD or Development Sociology.

Malawi: Soils, Food and Healthy Communities non-profit organization

2 available placements with this farmer-led non-profit organization, which aims to support farmers using sustainable agriculture practices, community education on nutrition and social inequalities and climate change adaptation. The organization uses a participatory research model, and the interns would be working with graduate students who are examining issues related to biodiversity, dietary diversity, social inequalities and sustainable land management.  The students’ specific activities would be determined in relation to a faculty member and the SFHC organization, who have a long-term collaborative partnership. More information here:

Hyderabad, India – global development consultancy firm in the field of agriculture, food, animal and human health

2 available placements with Sathguru, a global management consulting firm with the unique competence to combine business, finance, systems and innovation advisory and move science to markets for public good. Sathguru offers a diverse portfolio of services, including strategic advice, financial advice, sector growth assessment, capital market advice, and brand affiliation management. In addition to its global base in India, Sathguru also has a U.S. base in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and operates in some 20 countries and is an important partner to Cornell University over the last several years. Placements are particularly suited for AEM or IARD majors.