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James W.James W. – Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Major: Agricultural Science

Migrating from a graduating class of 48 students to my current graduating class at Cornell of about 3,500 students as an Agricultural Science major has certainly changed my views of the world and has opened up many opportunities. These opportunities include a past academic trip to Patagonia Argentina and my study abroad experience as a Life Sciences student at Wageningen University in the Netherlands! Ranked second among all academic institutions in the world for agriculture, Wageningen promises great educational instruction as well exposure to the Dutch culture while acting as a central hub for travel all across Europe.

Jonathan G. - Pre-vet Semester in Esperanza, Argentina
Major: Animal Science

¡Saludos desde Argentina! I am a Junior biology major who will be studying veterinary medicine at la Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias de la Universidad Nacional del Litoral. I will also be taking an intensive Spanish course during the Southern hemisphere’s summer in order to prepare for taking courses in Spanish. Visit my blog to learn about my experiences doing research, learning Spanish, and living in a small town in central Argentina. Click here!

Caroline P. - University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Major: Biology and Society

Hej og Velkommen (Hello and Welcome)! My Name is Caroline Phillips and I am Junior Biology and Society Major studying at the University of Copenhagen from January to June of 2015. A Long Island native who has never been to Europe, I have always wanted to explore and understand education in different areas of the world. Hopefully through this blog you can get a virtual exploration of Scandinavia and maybe be inspired to study in Copenhagen yourself! Follow my journey here!

Genevieve S. - National University of Singapore
Major: Food Science

Hello! I am a junior food science major from Des Moines, Iowa studying at NUS in Singapore this semester. I chose this program to gain exposure to the South East Asian culture through classes and firsthand experiences. Subscribe to my blog to read more about my adventure!

Joanne W. – Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Business School
Major: Applied Economics and Management

你好! My name is Joanne, and I'm a junior AEM major with an Asian American Studies minor. I'm spending Spring 2015 at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology! I've been to China plenty of times in my life, but my family is from the Manchuria area so I've never been south of Beijing. I'm excited to explore Hong Kong and experience life outside of the U.S., and I can't wait to share my adventures with you!  Follow my blog!

Renee C. – University of Copenhagen
Major: Biology and Society

Hello! My name is Renee and I am a Biology and Society major studying at the University of Copenhagen next semester. I will be embarking on an academic and cultural adventure through Denmark, taking a brief detour to rural Thailand for a field course on sustainability (SLUSE), and returning to Europe for more travels.  I hope to enjoy many moments of hygge, which is a Danish word that loosely translates to "coziness," but you'll have to read on for the real definition and Danish perspective. Follow my journey as I learn, bike, and eat my way through Copenhagen.  Take a look!

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Past Bloggers

Nate L. Nate L. - IESEG School of Management Lille
Major: Agricultural Science; Minor: Education
CALS Exchange, Spring 2014

Bonjour et bienvenue! (Hello and welcome!) I am a sophomore Agricultural Science major (minoring in education) studying at the IÉSEG School of Management in Lille, France. Take a glimpse into what life in Europe looks like as I travel throughout the continent exploring the unique culture and impressive agriculture industry. I do not speak much French, so hopefully we can learn and experience the French language and culture together!

Kelsey K. Kelsey K. - Massey University, New Zealand
CALS Exchange, Fall 2013

Kia ora! I’m Kelsey, a junior studying at Massey University in New Zealand from July through November. Majoring in ocean science, I am a firm believer in global climate change, and am very interested in seeing how the opposite side of the world is affected by both natural and anthropogenic causes. Anxious to experience New Zealand in every way possible, I plan to immerse myself in Māori language, culture, food, music, landscape, and everything that the island nation of Aotearoa has to offer. So join me as I hop, skip, and dance across the beautiful New Zealand!

Shelby M. Shelby M. - Agroecology Track with FESIA, France
Major: International Agriculture and Rural Development
CALS Exchange, Fall 2013

Bonjour! My name is Shelby McClelland and I am entering my junior year at Cornell University! I am majoring in International Agriculture and Rural Development through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences with a minor in French through the College of Arts and Sciences. I originally come from a small town in Northern California. This summer and fall I will be studying at ISARA-Lyon in Lyon, France. My studies there will take me through a month long summer program at ISARA and a seven week internship at La Cheverie de l'Ecaillon, a dairy goat farm in Northern France. I will finish up my time abroad back in Lyon as a student in an agroecology and sustainable agriculture program through ISARA-Lyon. Subscribe to my blog to keep up to date on my life in France!

Stacy M. Stacey M. - Viticulture & Enology Track with FESIA, France
Major: Viticulture & Enology
CALS Exchange, Fall 2013

Bonjour mon ami! My name is Stacey and I am a CALS senior studying Viticulture and Enology. From June to December 2013 I will be exploring all that France has to offer in the way of wine. The program I will be participating in through the FESIA Consortium/PURPAN includes classes about the French language, European agricultural history, winemaking and landscape management in a specific region, agroecology, sustainable winemaking, winemaking management... oh yeah, and a three week wine tour throughout France, Italy, Switzerland, and Hungary. I am sure to be busy, so follow along as I dive head first into the French culture! Follow my blog!

Myra N. Myra N. - University of Sydney
Major: Communication
CALS Exchange, Fall 2013

Hi guys!
Here's a little glimpse into life as I escape bipolar Ithaca weather and spend the semester in beautiful (and sunny) Sydney, Australia. Currently majoring in Communications, I'm going to attempt to hone my skills by writing about all my adventures (and misadventures - I get lost a lot) and everything in between. Get ready for lots of pictures and posts that I'll be bombarding this blog with as I chart every step of this crazy/fun adventure! :)

Kenny Kenny B. - University of Copenhagen, Denmark
CALS Exchange, Spring 2013

Halløj, and welcome to a glimpse of my semester abroad! I am a junior studying biological engineering and minoring food science, and will be spending the next five months exploring Denmark and other parts of Europe while studying at KU, the University of Copenhagen. I have three goals: Discover many new people and places, not run out of money for food, and make at least one blog entry a week. Join me on what is sure to be the adventure of a lifetime, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Sarah Sarah F. - Agricultural Production Practices in Italy, Parma
CALS Exchange, Spring 2013

Ciao! Currently a sophomore in Animal Science with a focus on calf nutrition, I have a passion for Italy and Italian culture. Follow my blog while I travel through Parma, learn about their agriculture, and eat amazing food!

Adriane Adriane G. - Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain
CALS Exchange, Spring 2013

¡Bienvenidos a Barcelona! I am a junior majoring in Food Science, and this spring I will be continuing my studies at la Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona. At the UAB I will expand upon my Food Science background and (hopefully) finish up my Spanish minor while learning the native language of Catalán. The markets are calling; I can almost smell fresh seafood from the port and hear the chimes of La Sagrada Familia… Join me here for stories, pictures and probably some recipes as I explore one of the largest cities in Europe. ¡Hasta pronto!

Jeff Jeff H. - University of Copenhagen, Denmark
CALS Exchange, Spring 2013

Hey everyone! Chef Jeff here, reporting from Copenhagen in Denmark at the University of Copenhagen. I am a junior majoring in Food Science, minoring in Nutrition and Health. You can expect to see mouthwatering pictures of food on my blog, in addition to the adventures surrounding my days. I am an aspiring cook who has worked in catering, and I love to experiment in the kitchen. I will be trying out traditional Danish ingredients in all my meals and sampling the local cafes and restaurants. Check out my blog now!

Jess Jess L. - University of Adelaide, Australia
CALS Exchange, Spring 2013

G’day mates! I’m a junior studying marine biology and spending the semester in the beautiful city of Adelaide, Australia. I’ll be bringing you the news on what’s going on in the land down under from February until July. Follow along as I snorkel along the Great Barrier Reef, avoid the infamous box jellies, experiment with some Vegemite, and play with baby kangaroos!

Colin Colin R. - EPFL, Switzerland
CALS Exchange, Spring 2013

Hey, everyone! I'm a junior studying Atmospheric Science a.k.a. weather & climate, and also dabbling in history, geography, and French. Luckily, the western part of Switzerland ('Suisse romande') has a lot of all of those, and is also a good central location for exploring Europe. I'll be taking science classes at EPFL, meeting lots of other exchange students, and will of course have to personally investigate if the rumors about Swiss scenery, punctuality, chocolate, wine, etc. are true. Read about all of it on my blog here.

Paige Paige R. - Wageningen University, The Netherlands
CALS Exchange, Spring 2013

Did you know that the Netherlands has the highest population density per capita of any European country? I was unaware of this fun fact until recently - but I figure with 493 people per square kilometer, I'm bound to meet some interesting folks! As a junior in the Plant Sciences major, I'm looking forward to meeting some interesting plants, too, and exploring the diversity of horticultural operations and greenhouse designs that the Netherlands has to offer. For the next six months, I'll be studying and getting lost (by bike, of course) at Wageningen University, a Dutch research institution located about an hour away from Amsterdam. Stay tuned for the latest happenings - it won't be long before I'm picnicking by the Rhine!

Max Max P. - Copenhagen, Denmark
CALS Exchange, Spring 2012

Howdy! Max here, all the way from the beautiful University of Copenhagen in Denmark. I am a junior studying environmental engineering and will be spending January through June eating, talking, laughing, exploring, and everything else in between, the Scandinavian way. If you enjoy writing, pictures, laughs and especially a good story come join me (click here!) as I check out the local cuisine, hop on a bike, take a stroll around the countryside, and enjoy the very best of all that Denmark has to offer!

Corey Corey R. - Parma, Italy
CALS Exchange, Spring 2011

Ciao from Italy! I am a sophomore studying Animal Science and Agriculture Science Education in CALS. I am involved with Cornell University Dairy Science club and Collegiate FFA, and am spending the spring semester at the Universita' degli studi di Parma with 3 other Cornell students. I chose this program because it offers unique classes in Italian and European food and agricultural systems, and because it includes work experience on farms, agricultural businesses, a prosciutto factory, and a cheese house, all on a rotational basis. I am looking forward to what this semester will offer. Check out my blog to keep track of our Italian adventures!

Sabina Sabina S. - Vienna, Austria
CALS Exchange, Spring 2011

I'm from a small town in Connecticut, but my family roots go back to Austrian and German cultures, which is why I chose to come to Vienna to study. I am a junior in CALS, majoring in Communication. I began my exchange in the fall, but I feel lucky to still be here, finishing the academic year studying in Austria! Read about my time in Vienna (and beyond)!

Will in New Zealand Will S. - Auckland, New Zealand
CALS Exchange, Spring 2011

Hello from New Zealand. I am a junior majoring in Biometry and Statistics minoring in Natural Resources and AEM. At Cornell I like to explore campus, here in New Zealand I have made the country my campus and am exploring different places in New Zealand whenever I get the chance. I am studying at Massey University through the CALS Exchange Program. Massey University has three campuses and I am studying at the Albany Campus outside of Auckland. This is the first semester ever that I am not taking any math classes, instead I am taking ecology, business and anthropology courses. I chose this program because I have wanted to Live in New Zealand ever since I was about nine years old. This was a chance of a life time, so of course I took it. Check out my blog, I hope you enjoy it.

Danny Danny S. - Uppsala, Sweden
CALS Exchange, Spring 2011

Hej! I'm an AEM and Information Science student studying in Uppsala University and SLU in Uppsala, Sweden. I transferred into CALS as a sophomore and fortunately had the opportunity to study abroad. I choose this program because I knew I wanted to travel to Europe and had heard great things about Swedish culture. Also, the program in SLU offers interesting classes particularly in agricultural economics which is an area of interest for me. Though the weather is cold in the spring semester, the Swedes are making this semester a great time. I've already skied, rock climbed, been in and out of hospitals, and traveled around Europe. I can't wait to see what other adventures this semester has to offer. Check out my blog to read more. Enjoy!

Travis Travis V. - France
CALS Exchange, Fall 2011

Salutations! I am a senior majoring in Enology and Viticulture. I worked in the Oregon wine industry for three years before coming to Cornell and firmly believe that a broad perspective encompassing multiple viewpoints is essential to a full education.

I will be spending June through December in France, studying with the FESIA Consortium/PURPAN and interning at a winery. I chose this program because it provides an excellent opportunity to learn in depth about the French and European wine industries while gaining international experience and stocking my mental toolbox. The program combines practical experience with learning about the winemaking challenges of specific regions, winemaking management and studying and visiting the wine and grape industry throughout Europe. Follow my adventures!

Erika Erika H. - Bordeaux & other locations, France
CALS Exchange, Fall 2011

Salut! I am a junior studying Communications and International Agriculture and Rural Development in CALS. I am spending June to December 2011, interning at a winery in Bordeaux and studying at Ecole d'Ingenieurs de PURPAN in Toulouse. Although most of my background in agriculture is in industries other than viticulture, I am so excited to learn about French winemaking hands-on and have the ability to take masters level courses with a diverse group of students. Follow along with me on my blog as I navigate French wineries, the rail system, and the fine art of eating crepes.