Interdisciplinary Studies Major

The primary purpose of the Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) major is to provide students with an opportunity to develop a set of courses around interests that are not well addressed by other majors in the college. A student may not be admitted into the major when entering the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  The change to the major evolves after a student finds his or her interests diverging from the current major, and when a clear idea of a new educational objective is realized.

As is the case for other majors, there needs to be educational goals and a set of courses that will meet these goals. Unlike other majors where these goals and courses are established by faculty, students are responsible for developing their goals and courses. Faculty advisors can help with this. Generally, students should be drawing courses from across multiple disciplines. It also is expected that the courses taken will move from general introductory courses to advanced courses with greater focus and depth. 

There must be a faculty advisor identified by the student willing to help with the proposed program. All CALS faculty can serve as advisors for this major. The Declaration of Intent form should be submitted by students in DUST (only students can access this page - advisors and staff will get an error page) after an advisor is identified. A student may choose to keep their current advisor or may choose a new advisor. Assistance identifying an appropriate faculty advisor is available by scheduling an appointment with a Student Services academic advisor.