2012 Dean's Awards

Student Awards

Class of 2012 Degree Marshals

Yike Bing, Animal Science
Randall Meyer, Biological Engineering

Class of 2012 Banner Bearers

James Chiang, Biological Engineering
Luke Chan, Applied Economics and Management
Domenico Farina, Biological Sciences

CALS Academic Excellence

Agricultural Science Education: Joseph Killian
Agricultural Sciences: Joseph Weeks Jr.
Animal Science: Yike Bing
Animal Science: Charles Weill
Applied Economics and Management: Luke Chan
Applied Economics and Management: Harrison Ishida
Applied Economics and Management: Andrew Kinder
Atmospheric Science: Sarah Lynagh
Biological Engineering: James Chiang
Biological Engineering: Randall Meyer
Biological Sciences: John Dillon
Biological Sciences: Domenico Farina
Biological Sciences: Sanjay Mohan
Biology and Society: Cynthia Wei
Biometry and Statistics: Colette Picard
Communication: Jennifer Schlesinger
Communication: Jenna Tauber
Development Sociology: Alyssa Browne
Entomology: Christopher Donovan
Environmental Engineering: Tracy Mandel
Food Science: Claudia Pazlopez
Information Science: Eric Swidler
Interdisciplinary Studies in A&LS: Kevin Cassidy
International Agriculture and Rural Development: Simone Passarelli
Landscape Architecture: Laura Durgerian
Natural Resources: Lilian Taylor
Nutritional Sciences: Lauren Webster
Plant Sciences: Jonathan Flickinger
Science of Earth Systems: Meagan Mnich
Science of Natural and Environmental Systems: Rachel Perlman
Viticulture and Enology: DeAnna D’Attilio

Academic Excellence in a Double Major

Sarah Cudney, Animal Science and Biological Sciences
Eric Gordon, Biological Sciences and Entomology
Jared Leventhal, Biology & Society and Nutritional Sciences

SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence

Claudia Pazlopez, Food Science
Janet Nwaukoni, Biology and Society

Richard A. Church Senior Service Award

Kaitlin Hardy, Biological Sciences
Amanda Maass, Development Sociology

Paul Schreurs Memorial Award

Rebecca Johnson, Biological Sciences and Entomology

Faculty and Staff Awards

Research Mentoring

John I. Lovette, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Donald C. Burgett Distinguished Advisor Award

Michael E. Van Amburgh, Animal Science

Professor of Merit

Antonio DiTommaso, Crop and Soil Sciences

CircleLink Teaching and Advising Award

Kathy Berggren, Communication
Debra Perosio, Applied Economics and Management

Teaching Awards

Young Faculty Teaching Excellence Award: Jeffrey D. H. Niederdeppe, Communication
Innovative Teacher Award: Sahara E. Byrne, Communication

SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence

Professional Service: Jonathan Corson-Rikert, Mann Library
Scholarship and Creative Activities: Susan R. McCouch, Plant Breeding and Genetics
Faculty Service: William E. Fry, Plant-Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology
Teaching: Antje J. Baeumner, Biological and Environmental Engineering
Teaching: Jon M. Conrad, Applied Economics and Management

Edgerton Career Teaching Award

James P. Lassoie