2009 Dean's Awards

Slide Show (shown during dinner at Awards Reception)


Class of 2009 Degree Marshals

Robert DeSimone, Biological Sciences
Steven Sachs, Biology and Society and Biological Sciences

Class of 2009 Banner Bearers

Mathew Birnbaum, Communication
Yana Mitelman, Applied Economics and Management
Du Xu, Applied Economics and Management and Biometry and Statistics

CALS Academic Excellence

Agricultural Science: Miriam Goler
Agricultural Science Education: Hailey Wilmer
Animal Science: Raina Kaplan
Animal Science: Theresa Schwanke
Applied Economics and Management: Claudia Castelino
Applied Economics and Management: Alexander Kates
Applied Economics and Management: Yana Mitelman
Atmospheric Sciences: Jeffrey Zuczek
Biological Engineering: Evan Gorin
Biological Sciences: Robert DeSimone
Biological Sciences: Anna Owczarczyk
Biological Sciences: Stacey Scofield
Biology and Society: Eric Shannon
Biometry and Statistics: David Randell
Communication: Mathew Birnbaum
Communication: Alyssa Ehrlich
Development Sociology: Tanya Olsefski
Entomology: Jessica Walden
Environmental Technology: Jason Johnson
Food Science: Melvany Kasih
Information Science: Leo Baghdassarian
Interdisciplinary Studies in A&LS: Andrew Meehan
International Agriculture and Rural Development: Estelle Meunier
Landscape Architecture: Jennifer Thomas
Natural Resources: Katherine White
Nutritional Sciences: Stephanie Feit
Plant Sciences: Rachel Ostlund
Science of Earth Systems: Susan Riddick
Science of Natural and Environmental Systems: Jocelyn Lavallee
Viticulture and Enology: Misha Kwasniewski

Academic Excellence in a Double Major

Applied Economics & Management and Biometry & Statistics: Du Xu
Biological Sciences and Biology & Society: Steven Sachs

SUNY Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence

Miriam Goler, Agricultural Science
Eric Shannon, Biology and Society

Richard A. Church Senior Service Award

Michelle Denton
Brittany Moser

Paul Schreurs Memorial Award

Cristina Munk, Entomology

Faculty and Staff Awards

Research Mentoring

Ralph Obendorf, Crop and Soil Sciences

Donald C. Burgett Distinguished Advisor Award

Antonio DiTommaso, Crop and Soil Science

Professor of Merit

Dennis Miller, Food Science

CircleLink Outstanding Teaching Award

Cole Gilbert, Entomology

Teaching Awards

Young Faculty Teaching Excellence Award: Sahara Byrne, Communication
Innovative Teacher Award: Marcia Eames-Sheavly, Horticulture
NACTA Teaching Award of Merit: Wayne Knoblauch, Applied Economics and Management

SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence

Professional Service: Janet McCue, Mann Library
Scholarship and Creative Activities: Christopher Barrett, Applied Economics & Management
Faculty Service: David Brown, Development Sociology
Teaching: Garrick Blalock, Applied Economics and Management
Teaching: Poppy McLeod, Communication

Edgerton Career Teaching Award

Carl Hopkins, Neurobiology and Behavior