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Transfer Students – Mentoring Advice

Questions, topics and resources

Introductions/get to know each other: 
Share your career experiences and specialization at Cornell and learn about the student’s background and interests

Clarify how/when to contact you:

  • Office hours?  
  • Drop in?  
  • email? 
  • Office or cell phone?  
  • Are you available weekends or evenings?

Transfer credits:  

  • Were your credits evaluated? 
  • Do they look OK? 
  • Did you submit your final transcript?

See credits on DUST (students and advisors can use)

Class schedule:  

What is it, how many credits? 
Suggest limit of 15 in 1st semester

Living situation and adjustment: 

  • Where are you living? 
  • Do you have roommates? 
  • How’s it going?


  • Will you be traveling home (or elsewhere) regularly? 
  • Where and how frequently?


  • Is your financial situation OK? (Bursar and/or Financial Aid)
  • Are you working?
  • How many hours?

Suggest a work limit of 10-12 hours per week if possible

Clubs/student organizations

Have you joined or considered some, what are they?
Suggest limit of 1 or 2 in 1st semester

What are some of your career-related interests/ideas?

  • Create a Student Profile in CCNet 
  • Develop your resume
  • Meet with a career advisor through Drop-In Hours or by appointment to begin to explore your career interests
  • The Office of Student Services offers advising resources