Changing Majors, Double Majors, Minors, Colleges, or your Faculty Advisor

Double Majors and Minors

Declaring or Dropping a Second Major

CALS students can declare a second undergraduate major only if both majors are within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (note: this includes AEM major/Dyson School students). Students should contact the department of interest to discuss requirements and identify a second faculty advisor. Students must complete the requirements set forth by both departments in order to graduate with a double major. It is the student’s responsibility to keep both faculty advisors informed. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain signatures from each faculty advisor on the Application to Graduate. 

Students wishing to remove a second major from their record may contact the CALS Student Services Office, 140 Roberts Hall,

Declaring a Minor

CALS students can declare a minor from the list of approved minors which have been reviewed by the CALS Curriculum Committee. It is not necessary to file paperwork with the college when adding a minor. Students interested in completing a minor should speak to the department contact for requirements and guidance. When filing Part II of the Application to Graduate, it is the student’s responsibility to identify the minor and to obtain signatures from all major and minor advisors.  Minors are added to the record just prior to degree completion and will appear on the final transcript post-graduation.

Changing of major and/or advisor

Transfer to another college at Cornell University


Thank you for your interest in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The following information will prepare you for the internal transfer process. Information for students interested in transferring to CALS.


The Office of Internal Transfer assists undergraduate students who are considering transfer between colleges within Cornell. The internal transfer process requires students to apply and the criteria for admission vary by program. If you have a clear idea of what you want to pursue, you can contact the admissions or advising office in your target college.  Visit the Internal Transfer Office for more information.

Dyson Students

Dyson School students who wish to transition to another CALS major should apply through the internal transfer process. As the Dyson School is uniquely positioned in both the SC Johnson College of Business and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, CALS is committed to working closely with Dyson students who seek to join another major within the College. Submitted applications will receive every consideration.