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CALS Strategic Planning - Committee Members

The following make up the CALS Strategic Planning Committee, please share your thoughts and feedback with them by emailing

  • Shorna Allred, Natural Resources
  • Elizabeth Braun, CALS Communications
  • Susan Brown, Horticulture/Cornell AgriTech
  • Sahara Byrne, Communication
  • Marie Caudill, Nutritional Science
  • Janet Edwards, Senior Associate Deans’ Office
  • Amy McCune, EEB
  • Carmen Moraru, Food Science
  • Tom Overton, Animal Science
  • Aija Leiponen, Dyson
  • Peter Paradise, CALS Facilities
  • Debra Perosio, Dyson
  • Max J. Pfeffer, Senior Associate Dean
  • Angie Putnam, Dean’s Office
  • Mike Scanlon, Plant Biology
  • Chris Smart, PPPMB/Cornell AgriTech
  • Pamela Tan, CALS Admissions
  • Andy Vail, Admin Manager – Plant Biology
  • Todd Walter, BEE
  • Wendy Wolford, Development Sociology