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CALS Strategic Planning

Dean BoorAs the result of nearly a year of thoughtful and productive discussion, I am pleased to announce a new strategic plan for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Knowledge with Public Purpose in a Changing World positions us to deliver a full spectrum across the research continuum, from the most fundamental to translational science in our key disciplines to address the relevant grand challenges facing society today. Our implementation of this new strategic plan will be ambitious, transparent, and measured. Because of its range and magnitude, implementation of the strategic plan will be a systematic, multi-year effort. We will annually identify priority objectives, develop implementation strategies, and plan detailed actions to achieve our goals. We will review and report progress on their completion regularly. We will update the action plan accordingly as we progressively implement the strategic plan.

I invite you to read the full plan as well as the 2014-2015 priorities one-pager. On behalf of the CALS leadership team, I will welcome your feedback and your efforts in bringing these aspirations to bear.

Thank you for your engagement.

Kathryn J. Boor, PhD
The Ronald P. Lynch Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences