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Our Commitment: Robust, Responsible Research

Scientific discovery is occurring at an exponential pace. In this ever-changing landscape, the college is guided by the ethos of “responsible science.”

  • Cornell University and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences have an international reputation for excellence in scientific research, education, and extension.
  • CALS promotes scholarly pursuit motivated by intellectual curiosity and guided by the highest standards of academic performance.
  • That reputation has been established and buttressed over decades by boldly and responsibly expanding discovery and understanding across the full spectrum of disciplines.
  • CALS is committed to robust and responsible science through thoughtful and thorough research, and vigorous discourse.
  • Just as the college’s priorities of Food & Energy Systems, Social Sciences, Life Sciences, and Environmental Sciences complement and influence each other, so too does CALS recognize that scientific endeavor in these fields must be undertaken with an eye toward how discovery in one area affects other parts of the whole.
  • Faculty, staff, and students are dedicated to pioneering research with integrity, and implementing systematic approaches for evaluating new technologies from multiple perspectives, while exploring the ethical and social aspects of scientific discovery.
  • As a community of scholars, we welcome discussion and varying perspectives. CALS maintains a healthy and vibrant culture in which the diversity of scholarship across our many disciplines is valued in an atmosphere of inclusiveness.
  • We appreciate that freedom of exploration must go hand-in-hand with maintaining public confidence. To achieve this ideal, the research of our faculty, staff, and students meets, or exceeds, the most stringent safety requirements and regulations, and is subject to oversight by the Cornell University Office of Research Integrity and Assurance (ORIA).
  • Furthermore, the college recognizes that the scientific process requires peer‐reviewed research, ensuring that our findings are robustly vetted.
  • As a land-grant institution, CALS firmly believes that the results of sound, objective scientific research—from fundamental to applied to translational—should be leveraged for the public good.
  • To that end, the work of CALS informs public discussion about scientific understanding, discovery, and application from multiple vantage points, while not directly advocating for any particular perspective or technology.