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An engaged community

We are especially indebted to the more than 700 CALS community members and external thought leaders who responded to our fall 2021 call for engagement and feedback on our vision for this plan. Special thanks also to the stakeholder groups, including the CALS Student Advisory Council, as well as Provost Michael Kotlikoff, Vice President for University Relations Joel Malina, and Vice President for Alumni Affairs and Development Fred Van Sickle, who also participated in feedback sessions with us. Thank you to Associate Dean and Chief Communications Officer Samara Sit in her management of our strategic planning process and her partnership with strategic design company IDEO, who helped us hone our vision. The careful analysis of our opportunities and barriers was examined by five faculty/staff/student committees in spring 2022, whose members are listed below.

Academic Programs & Curriculum Committee

Toby Ault, Sahara Byrne, Leonardo Campagna, Heather Feaga, Sarah Giroux, Katherine McComas, Zachary Schulman, Jennifer Seavey, Sm Shariar, Tom Silva, Abby Snyder, Ying Sun, Rhonda Todd, Nathalie Trottier, Jamie Vanucchi, Maxine Beata Zaretsky

Communications & Fundraising Committee

Christy Agnese, Sharon Detzer, Christopher Haight, Matt Hayes, Holly Heitzman, Bramble Klipple, John McKain, Nicole Rossi, Ann Russ, Samara Sit, Chris Smart, Jenny Stockdale

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Maricelis Acevedo, Diane Bailey, Cedric Feschotte, Chris Fromme, Yolanda Gonzalez, Eduardo Gonz√°lez Jr., Ian Hewson, Neil Lewis Jr., Dan Luo, Anna Katharine Mansfield, Corrie Moreau, Angela Odoms-Young, Scott Peters, Kristan Reed, Chelsea Specht, Julie Suarez, Hale Tufan, Ann Vegdahl

Extension Committee

Alejandro Calixto, Chris Gerling, Yu Jiang, Jenny Kao-Kniffin, Quirine Ketterings, Marianne Krasny, Vanessa Lockel, Jan Nyrop, Judson Reid, Margaret Smith, Lynn Sosnoskie, Julie Suarez, Chris Watkins, Christopher Wolf, Bruno Xavier

Research & Innovation Committee

Beth Ahner, Sam Alcaine, Esther Angert, Buz Barstow, Sumanta Basu, Josh Cerra, Julio Giordano, Viviana Ruiz Gutierrez, Cathy Kling, Johannes Lehmann, Josephine Martell, Peter Paradise, Sarah Pethybridge, Kelly Robbins, Marcus Smolka, Rich Stedman, Melissa Warden, Xiangtao Xu