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Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities

Nominees in the Scholarship (research) category must demonstrate:

  • An excellent, sustained record of research publications in peer-reviewed journals, and/or research monographs, and/or research-oriented texts
  • Evidence of participation in national and/or international conferences through presentation of papers published in conference proceedings and/or digests
  • History of patents awarded
  • History of Grants secured
  • Citation of work by individuals or groups other than the nominee’s collaborators

Nominees in the Creative Activities category (generally in the fine or performing arts) must demonstrate:

  • Evidence of excellence in creative or scholarly activity appropriate for the specific unit or discipline, such as exhibitions, shows, performances, productions, and stage work
  • Participation in critical reviews
  • Procurement of grants
  • Inclusion of works in permanent collections, retrospectives, and other forms of external recognition and acclaim

A summary of accomplishments (limited to a maximum of 5 pages) and a curriculum vitae (CV) are required for nominations.

  • Office Managing Award Process: Office of Academic Programs with Deans and Directors. Information received from Provost's Office, SUNY Albany.
  • Date of Announcement: Late November
  • Deadline for Submission: Nomination Memo - Late December. Final Dossier - Early February
  • Presented at: Dean's Awards Ceremony, Summer


Nominees for the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities must be full-time, teaching, tenured, or tenure-track faculty. Nominees may hold any academic rank; however, they must have completed at least three years of full-time service on the home campus prior to the year of nomination.

Recipients of an Excellence Award may not, at any time, be re-nominated for an award in the same category; and they may not be nominated for another Excellence Award in any other category within a 10-year period. Posthumous nominations are ineligible.  Other exclusions can be found in the Call for Nominations.

Previous Awardees of The SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities Since 2004



Ann E. Hajek, Entomology


Timothy J. Fahey, Natural Resources


Ralph L. Obendorf, Crop and  Soil Sciences


Stephen T. Emlen, Neurobiology and Behavior


Dan Luo, Biological and Environmental Engineering


Christopher Barrett, Applied  Economics and Management


C. Johannes Lehmann, Crop and Soil Sciences


Brian C. Wansink, The Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management


Susan R. McCouch, Plant Breeding and Genetics


John C. March, Biological and Environmental Engineering


Kenneth J. Kemphues, Molecular Biology and Genetics

2015Lars Angenent, Biological and Environmental Engineering
2016Jeffrey W. Roberts, Molecular Biology and Genetics
2017Susan R. Fussell, Communication
2018John Lis, Molecular Biology and Genetics
2019Robert Reed, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
2020C. Drew Harvell, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
2021Minglin Ma, Biological and Environmental Engineering