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European restrictions on pesticide use could help improve bee health

May 8, 2018
Scott McArt, assistant professor of entomology and Emma Mullen, honeybee extension associate, both of the Pollinator Network @ Cornell, believe that while a ban may be useful, farmers and others in agriculture must also consider alternative pest control methods that pose less risk to pollinators. [...]
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ICE raid on NYS farm shows link between immigrant labor, agriculture

Apr 26, 2018
The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid on an Upstate New York dairy farm last week resulted in the arrest of an undocumented farmworker and has raised questions about the legitimacy of such federal actions. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY, expressed concern, and Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a cease and desist letter to ICE accusing the agency of making illegal arrests. [...] Read more

Warmer weather wanted: NY early crops behind schedule

Apr 25, 2018
Steve Reiners, professor of horticulture at the New York State Agriculture Experiment Station, says that an unusually cold spring put early NY crops such as peas, lettuce and broccoli behind schedule – but it’s too early to call the season a washout. [...] Read more

‘No free lunch’ online: User data keeps Facebook afloat

Mar 28, 2018
Facebook is under scrutiny following revelations that the consulting firm Cambridge Analytica collected data on millions of users and the Federal Trade Commission has said it is investigating Facebook over its privacy practices. The social media giant has announced plans to revamp its privacy tools to allow users to more easily navigate privacy and security settings, but those changes won’t alter the company’s core business model, which relies on user data, according to a communication researcher at Cornell University. [...] Read more

Feeding the future: Expert says Ag Day is a reminder farming’s great breakthroughs are still ahead

Mar 19, 2018
Whether through trade, climate change or other market challenges, the shape of U.S. agriculture continues to shift. About a century ago, there were about 6.5 million farms in the United States; by 2012, the most recent data available, that number stood at about 2 million – although the amount of productive farmland had declined only about 5 percent over the same period. But the numbers only tell part of a story, says Antonio DiTommaso, professor of soil and crop sciences at Cornell University. [...] Read more

Endangered right whales face deadly ships, fishing gear in northward migration

Mar 7, 2018
As waters warm and food supplies dwindle, North Atlantic right whales face a serious danger of extinction – a danger made all the more apparent this breeding season as scientists see no sign of newborns. But in their hunt for food, right whales are migrating further north into places like the Gulf of Saint Lawrence where they encounter new threats from boats and fishing gear. [...] Read more

NYS maple producers can look forward to a sweet season

Feb 26, 2018
In 2017, New York state maple producers made over 750,000 gallons of maple syrup, making New York the second largest maple producing state. With this year’s maple season underway, Stephen Childs, the Cornell Sugar Maple Program Director and a New York state maple specialist, says producers can look forward to a great 2018 season. [...] Read more

Forget glyphosate, to battle weeds understand root problem

Feb 13, 2018
Controversy hit last week when lawmakers threatened to cut U.S. funding for the World Health Organization’s cancer research program over its findings that glyphosate, the herbicide found in Roundup and other weed killers, could be carcinogenic. Cornell University professor of soil and crop sciences, Antonio DiTommaso, says that while the political debate is noteworthy, the larger issue is finding ways to reduce our overreliance on herbicides to avert future weed problems. [...] Read more

Parents, do you have a Family Media Use Plan? Here’s why it’s important

Dec 8, 2017
Facebook launched Messenger Kids earlier this week – a messaging, video and chat app for children aged 6 to 12. Facebook sells it as a way for preteens to communicate safely. Natalie Bazarova, professor in the Department of Communication at Cornell University and director of the Cornell Social Media Lab, recommends that parents create a “Family Media Use Plan” to ensure safety and healthy development as it relates to digital media. [...] Read more

Oil development at Arctic Refuge would forever alter sensitive ecosystems

Nov 21, 2017
The U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources voted 13-10 this month to approve a bill that would allow oil and gas exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. The measure will be added to the Senate’s tax-reform package that is expected to be put to a vote before the end of 2017 [...] Read more

Forget RFS, pollution tax or cap-and-trade key to tackling air pollution

Nov 17, 2017
The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), developed by Congress to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions and bolster the renewable fuel sector, is under review by the Environmental Protection Agency. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is expected to reveal any changes to the program by Nov. 30. As ethanol producers and oil refiners vie for the Administration’s attention on RFS, environmental economists say there’s a better way to cut down on air pollution [...] Read more

Food, family, forecast: Countdown to Thanksgiving

Nov 16, 2017
Proper planning and attention to detail are important for the preparation of a safe and delicious Thanksgiving meal. Robert Gravani, professor of food science, recommends following the four steps to food safety – clean, separate, cook and chill – to prevent the spread of bacteria to food and family so that all can have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving feast [...] Read more

In discussing 5G technology, regulators eye privacy concerns

Nov 15, 2017
This week, the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce will hold a hearing on 5G wireless technology and its potential for the U.S. economy. Aija Leiponen, professor at Cornell University’s Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management studies the telecommunication industry and has written extensively about the management and governance of big data. Leiponen says regulators discussing 5G systems need to set standards not only on spectrum allocation, but also on privacy protection – given the big data nature of these networks [...] Read more

As pollution skyrockets in India, health care costs poised to mount

Nov 7, 2017
Levels of pollution in India’s capital New Delhi soared on Tuesday, leading the Indian Medical Association to declare a public health emergency and prompting officials to close schools. The smog descending over the city can cause sickness and pre-mature death, and can lead to billions of dollars of additional health care costs according to a Cornell University environmental economist [...] Read more

Dairy farmers harness tech and management smarts to curb methane emissions

Nov 2, 2017
Global levels of the potent greenhouse gas methane are on the rise — experiencing a larger than average increase over the last ten years in 2016 according to new findings from the World Meteorological Organization. While scientists grapple to explain the source of the surge, the U.S. dairy industry continues to take steps to reduce methane emissions, according to a dairy sustainability researcher at Cornell University [...] Read more

Regional sourcing key to success of Empire Rye, craft beverages

Oct 31, 2017
A handful of New York state craft distilleries is launching a new, regional whiskey, “Empire Rye.” Christopher Gerling, an enologist and craft-beverage expert, says that local sourcing and geographical identification are key ingredients to Empire Rye and other regional food and drink [...] Read more