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Ice Sheet Break Just the Tip of Catastrophic Climate Conditions to Come

Jul 6, 2017
The Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica is soon set to lose an enormous iceberg, more than 2,000 square miles in area and more than 600 feet thick. Charles H. Greene is a professor of Earth and Atmospheric sciences in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, a fellow at the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future and a leading expert in effects of global climate change on ocean ecosystems and extreme weather. Greene says the loss of the trillion-ton iceberg is an example of the serious climate change threats the world faces [...] Read more

Weather and Food: Cornell Experts Dish Out Tips for July 4th

Jun 30, 2017
Millions of Americans will hit the road for the beach, mountains or a simple backyard barbecue or picnic this holiday weekend. Samantha Borisoff, a climatologist with the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University, says hot temperatures with a possibly of thunderstorms are in the forecast [...] Read more

India’s Tax Overhaul to Transform Agricultural Industry

Jun 29, 2017
On Saturday, India will start implementing a new, streamlined tax system – the Goods & Service Tax (GST) – which unifies the country’s tax code, making it easier to do business across state lines and internationally. The law also aims at increasing transparency in a system long-plagued by inefficiency. Cornell University economist Prabhu Pingali directs the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition, a program that takes a food systems approach to solve problems of poverty, malnutrition and rural development in India. Pingali says the GST could potentially transform India’s agricultural industry and enhance rural prosperity [...] Read more

Willing Weather Brings Beautiful Blueberries, Superb Strawberries This Year

Jun 22, 2017
Marvin Pritts, a horticulture professor at Cornell University, explains how recent weather conditions have made this year promising for fruit growers. Pritts says, “We are experiencing a good strawberry crop and anticipate an outstanding blueberry crop. Blueberry fruits have a waxy skin that sheds water so they are much less susceptible to fruit mold than strawberries and raspberries. They are thriving this spring [...] Read more

Senate GOP Healthcare Bill: Expectations and Implications

Jun 22, 2017
Senate Republicans this morning released a draft of their version of health care legislation to their members. The Senate version has several differences from the House healthcare bill, such as linking insurance subsidies to income instead of age. Cornell University experts are available for media interviews about how the bill will impact medical spending and people’s choice for health care [...] Read more

West Nile Mosquitoes Are in NYC, Start Spraying and Drain Your Backyards

Jun 21, 2017
The New York City Health Department has detected the first of the season’s mosquitoes with West Nile virus. Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann is a Cornell University entomologist based on Long Island whose work focuses on integrated pest management. Although it’s still early in the season to know the full extent of mosquito trends this year, she advises New Yorkers to take steps now to protect themselves from the risks of mosquito-borne illnesses [...] Read more

Plants to Beat the First Summer Heat

Jun 12, 2017
The National Weather Service warns of above-normal temperatures for the northeastern region of the United States through Thursday. Cornell University experts comment on the year’s first summer heat and explain how it may affect plants [...] Read more

By Quitting Paris Accord, Trump Would Open Pandora’s Box

Jun 1, 2017
President Trump is expected to announce that the U.S. is withdrawing from the Paris climate accords, a global pact designed to fight climate change. The following Cornell University experts, including COP21 delegates, discuss the ecological, economic, health and political impacts of this move [...] Read more

Trump Dump of Paris Pact Environmental, Economic Blunder

May 31, 2017
President Trump is expected to announce that the U.S. is withdrawing from the Paris climate accords, a global pact designed to fight climate change. Two experts at the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future at Cornell University say that withdrawing from the accords would be a major mistake, both environmentally and economically [...] Read more

Drought Doubt Lingers with Warm Summer Predictions

May 17, 2017
Jessica Spaccio, a climatologist with the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University, says that while the drought in the Northeast is over, predictions of above-normal temperatures this summer could be a concern for agriculture in the region. The Northeast Regional Climate Center monitors and assesses climatic conditions in the twelve-state, northeastern region of the United States [...] Read more

Trump Dump of Paris Climate Deal Bad for Business

May 10, 2017
President Trump is delaying decision on the U.S. participation in the Paris climate accord, a deal brokered by Obama which Trump has repeatedly criticized. Natalie Mahowald a professor in Cornell University’s Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Faculty Director of Environment at the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future at Cornell University, and an expert on global and regional impact of climate change says it would be unfortunate if the Trump administration chose to forgo leadership on climate change [...] Read more

Despite Efforts, Facebook Is Not Ready to Take on Fake News

May 9, 2017
This week, Facebook launched an advertising campaign in the U.K. seeking to help the public discern fake news online. The move, which precedes parliamentary elections in Britain, is seen as an attempt to curb the spread of false stories over Facebook ahead of critical political events [...] Read more

Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Ticks

May 3, 2017
Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann: A relatively mild winter coupled with even greater abundance of deer and mice means that ticks are more plentiful than everGangloff-Kaufmann is an entomologist whose work focuses on integrated pest management. Gangloff-Kaufmann says: “In the Northeast, and possibly across the northern United States, 2017 is gearing up to be a good season for ticks [...] Read more

No Science and No Policy After EPA’s Climate-Change Purge

May 2, 2017
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decision to remove climate science information from several of its websites triggered vigorous national debate and protests. David M. Lodge, director of the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future at Cornell University, says that changes in policy are expected with incoming presidential administrations, but removal of scientific data is an unexpected mistake [...] Read more

Canadian Dairy Dispute to Test Trump’s NAFTA Position

Apr 6, 2017
Andrew Novakovic, the EV Baker Professor of Agricultural Economics in Cornell University’s Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, explains how the recent developments in U.S. dairy exports to Canada are threatening dairy farms in New York and Wisconsin [...] Read more

DEC’s Wildlife Plans Will Make New York Lands More Resilient

Apr 5, 2017
Todd Bittner, director of natural areas for the Cornell University Botanic Gardens, says the Department of Environmental Conservation’s proposed overhaul of wildlife management plans – specifically the efforts related to the elimination of detrimental invasive shrubs and pests – will make public lands more resilient [...] Read more

Vietnam Capitalizes on Climate Change with Shrimp

Feb 7, 2017
Michael Hoffmann, professor of entomology and a Cornell University’s Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future Fellow, says Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s decision to boost shrimp exports is a smart way to help Vietnam capitalize on climate change. In January, Hoffman led a team of students to Vietnam to study climate change and its implications, not only globally but also how it has impacted the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, one of the most at risk areas in the world [...] Read more

A Look at the Epic Blizzard of ’77, by the Numbers

Jan 26, 2017
Saturday marks the 40th anniversary of the Blizzard of ’77. Jessica Spaccio, a climatologist with the NOAA-funded Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University, looks back at what is considered one of the region’s snowiest seasons on record [...] Read more