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New Data Unearths Pesticide Peril in Beehives

Apr 20, 2017
Honeybees – employed to pollinate crops during the blooming season – encounter danger due to lingering and wandering pesticides, according to a new Cornell University study that analyzed the bee’s own food [...] Read more

Canadian Dairy Dispute to Test Trump’s NAFTA Position

Apr 6, 2017
Andrew Novakovic, the EV Baker Professor of Agricultural Economics in Cornell University’s Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, explains how the recent developments in U.S. dairy exports to Canada are threatening dairy farms in New York and Wisconsin [...] Read more

DEC’s Wildlife Plans Will Make New York Lands More Resilient

Apr 5, 2017
Todd Bittner, director of natural areas for the Cornell University Botanic Gardens, says the Department of Environmental Conservation’s proposed overhaul of wildlife management plans – specifically the efforts related to the elimination of detrimental invasive shrubs and pests – will make public lands more resilient [...] Read more