Visiting Scholar and Fellow Fee Policy


This policy recognizes the value of visiting scholars/fellows and that support of such scholars contributes to the CALS educational mission, but also takes into account the costs, primarily a university fee, associated with hosting such visitors. CALS will continue to share the cost of these appointments with our units. Therefore, CALS will pay half of the $2,000 fee and will assess a charge (based on headcount) of $1,000 for each appointment to the title visiting scholar or visiting fellow to offset the cost of these appointments to the college under the new university budget model.

In cases where long-term professional associations have been maintained with visiting scholar/fellow appointments and units wish to continue such connections, the unit should explore alternative appointments with the Senior Associate Dean.  Please note, this policy does not apply to titles such as visiting scientists and visiting professorial titles, where the persons hold appointments at other institutions.  However, individuals who are students at another institution can only be appointed as visiting fellows/scholars or as non-degree graduate students. The charge cannot be prorated due to short-term appointments. It is a flat fee.


Many units across CALS request a Cornell appointment for visiting scholars and fellows from other universities or other corporate partners in order to provide services such as email access and library access for these visitors.  The process to appoint these guests to Cornell systems requires a significant investment in time and has also resulted in an assessment by the University for services through the university overhead allocation.

Per the New Budget Model policy manual: 

Unrestricted support for operating and collection costs of all Ithaca campus libraries will be distributed as an allocated cost to all colleges. In addition, other expenses assigned to the library, such as those for space related costs (utilities, maintenance, building care) and debt service, will also be distributed as a library cost. Library costs will be distributed based on the proportionate share of all students plus faculty and non-faculty academics, including academic research and teaching staff, postdocs, and academic temps. Colleges and Schools will be encouraged to partner with the Library in fundraising and make additional investments in the Library.

Academic temps include the titles vising scholar and visiting fellow. 


Payment must be made prior to the appointment of the individual to the university using one of the following options:

If funded from a unit or faculty unrestricted account, process the payment on a Transfer of Funds edoc using the following coding:

From: Unit Account, object code 8070

To: 1013201, object code 7070.


If funded from a gift account, process the payment on an Internal Billing edoc using the following coding:

Income: Account 1013201, object code 4020

Expense: Gift Account, object code 6375.


  • Visit the KFS website:
  • On the left side of the screen, click on “Accounting” and choose either Transfer of Funds or Internal Billing
  • The description on the edoc should include the full name of the visitor and the unit.
  • Please list Jason Battersby ( as the approver of the edoc.

If you have any questions please email Jason Battersby at

Emails will notify the CALS Human Resource office that the appropriate payment has been received.