Policy on Graduate Student Tuition and Support


Tuition: For academic year 2017-18 the tuition for contract college research degree programs (M.A., M.S., M.S./Ph.D., Ph.D.) is set at $20,800. CALS will support half of the tuition ($10,400) for assistantships paid on grants/contracts to college faculty. If mandatory cost sharing (matching) is required by a sponsor, the supported component can be listed as cost share (match) on proposals.

Stipend: For the academic year 2017-18 the graduate student stipend has been set at $25,780 (9 mo.) and $34,373 (12 mo.). The summer GRA stipend that equals the 2017-18 academic year GRA stipend rate is $8,593 for the three months. The minimum recommended summer GRA stipend (according to the Graduate School) is $5,432.The Graduate School has recommended that we use an escalation rate of 2.3% of the minimum stipend amount for all years for which stipends are not already established. Note: The maximum academic-year stipend that a student may receive is $44,588. There is no cap on the summer stipend.

Health Insurance: The current health insurance rate for graduate students is $2,712. The Graduate School is currently recommending a 8.9% increase per year.


CALS will pay 50% of the tuition for graduate research assistantships that are supported on research grants to faculty, external fellowships, new faculty start-up funds, and faculty discretionary funds. Tuition is not supported for students funded on Cornell-based endowments. For those graduate assistantships funded by federal, state or non-government sponsored agreements, the 50% support from the college can be reported as cost sharing. The remainder of the tuition and health insurance must be paid by the grant or from other sources.