Faculty Summer Salary

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

March 2011

Faculty on 9 month appointments (9ths) do not accrue any vacation. Strictly interpreted, a faculty member may not take vacation during the academic year; only holidays are "vacation." Vacation would occur during the summer.

Faculty on 9ths are encouraged to pay themselves during the summer. Summer salary is to be paid from external grants to the program of the faculty member. Funding from summer session teaching is also approved for summer salary.  Unless approved previously by the director responsible for the funding source, no summer salary is to be paid on Smith/Lever, Hatch, College, or State funds.

Additionally, no summer salary is to be paid from Federal or State legislative items. The normal expectation is that a faculty member pays her/himself for either 2/9ths or 2.5/9ths summer salary. The remaining time is presumed vacation. A faculty member who wishes to pay him/herself 3/9ths is assumed to take no vacation and needs approval from the Dean via the university summer salary attestation form available at  If the faculty member wishes to take vacation and also be paid 3/9ths, the vacation must be paid from the supplemental funding source; the funding source must provide written approval (guidelines or specific approval).